Staying on top of technology is exhausting!

Posted by Karen Martínez in General

Don’t you agree? I mean, I love to read and learn, those are my favorite sports but, sometimes I can’t help but ask, how do geeks do it?!

In these days where people are so busy with life and responsibilities it’s hard to find the time to stay current on technology trends. As we have said before, technology changes by the minute and it could be a 24-hour job to be informed and up to date with what is going on out there.

A personal example: I am one of those individuals that have a pile of books that never seems to go down. I finish a book, start another and while this happens, I discover new readings that make the cut to my precious nightstand. I wonder if I would ever have the time to read them all. It seems like there is not enough time right? The same happens when we talk about technology. If you are here reading, most likely you have a desire to understand and learn about it, maybe would like to be one of those techies who know everything before it actually happens. Truth be told – it can burn you out. Just like the pile of books on my nightstand, technology will never cease to amaze us with new things.

This doesn’t apply just to technology; it can be almost anything. Take world news for example; try staying on top of those! Although I have to say my husband is a great competitor in that race. Why the rush to be the first one to know? Why do we need to be on top?

It’s important to understand the benefits of technology, how it can help us in business and personal matters. Of course, it’s nice to have somebody like us to give you technology insight and answer your questions instead of finding the answer by yourself.

So following that line of thinking, what are your favorite sources of technology information? Who or where do you go to when you need to know about something technology-related? I’ll share with you some of my favorite sources of information; the ones who made the cut to my RSS feed: – Excellent resource containing the latest news on social and digital media and web culture. – News and information on innovation and technology for professionals and execs. – Online magazine with the latest on new gadgets and electronic products.